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Safety of Funds

Safety Of Funds: Funds are 100% Secure

As a market leader Instant Options has established a maximum level of security for transactions so our Traders can trade with the best possible conditions. To start with, our policy is to use segregated bank accounts, in which we do not mix traders funds with the current accounts of Instant Options.

At the same time, Instant Options has implemented various policies and procedures to optimize all processes related to client transactions including deposits and withdrawal of funds.

Our goal is to offer our traders optimal trading conditions.

Technological superiority

  • All transaction are encrypted by a secure SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) to ensure the privacy and the security of our traders.
  • All data transferred between servers use SSL encryption technology.
  • All financial transactions are processed by a PCI Level 1 certified service provider of international payments.
  • Instant Options uses cloud computing by Amazon servers with multiple redundancies.

Market Leader Financial Discipline

  • Following strict rules of the European Union’s regulatory body, All trader funds are deposited by clients and separated (segregated) from the operational funds of the company.
  • All transactions (deposits & withdrawals) are only allowed via a trader’s personal account and not on a behalf of any third person, in line with international laws against money laundering.

Money laundering

As a Market Leader in Binary Options we consider it our responsibility to comply and enforce Anti-money laundering procedures as follws:

  • Identification and validation of client accounts by in house and third party compliance.
  • Monitoring and reporting of suspicious transactions.
  • Maintenance of a book of trades for extended periods.
  • Employee training on the recognition and prevention of fraud.